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8 February 1999 -- Eire Duck's Pond of Peace begins, mostly as a conduit for Risk statistics on Scheffres Hall at Brandeis University.
13 March 2000 -- Introspection, My Worst Friend begins, keeping a daily record of a sometimes controversial viewpoint.
27 July 2001 -- registered with DNS Active-Domain, reserving site name for future use.
11 January 2002 -- The move to The Blue Pyramid takes place.  In one day, the old Pond closes up shop & moves in its entirety.
12 January 2002 -- Background & History are added in the Pyramid's early construction.
14 January 2002 -- Credits page added.
15 January 2002 -- Exports section added.
21 January 2002 -- A new picture added.
22 January 2002 -- Year in review begins with top 5 movies of 2001 being added.
5 February 2002 -- Year in review gets a home page with 2001 being added, along with booklist.
25 February 2002 -- The Dylan List inaugurates a music section.
20 March 2002 -- The music section gets its own page.
8 April 2002 -- The May Madness of APDA added, setting all records for hits here.
8 June 2002 -- Unofficial Debate Awards added.
26 June 2002 -- The June Drought, explaining a difficult week of service at the site, added.  Also, Exports section gets major overhaul, with move of Personal links & addition of Public links.
4 July 2002 -- Library section added, with 25 best books & composite list subsections.
24 July 2002 -- David Gray's Web Page salvaged from almost certain destruction to find permanent home here.
12 August 2002 -- Archive revamped, with graphics added & sections divided.
12 September 2002 -- Statistics tracking switched from YTrack to AllFreeStats, with assistance on main page & Introspection from TheCounter.
14 September 2002 -- Front page redesigned to feature a new stylized picture.
26 September 2002 -- Statistics tracking switched from AllFreeStats to Free-Stats.  Also, Imports section created with BP Search of the Week! as first element.
14 October 2002 -- Remembering the MEP HOUSE added.
5 December 2002 -- 404 File Not Found page added.
5 January 2003 -- Year in review set up with 2002 page, plus subsets of top 5 books & top 5 movies for the year.
8 January 2003 -- Music section gets big boost with Concert List, including 11 setlists, such as this one.
18 January 2003 -- BluePyramid InterActive is born, with the Country Quiz featured.
20 January 2003 -- Results of Quiz page added to Country Quiz.
4 February 2003 -- Brandeis Nationals 2003 page added to Imports section.
15 February 2003 -- BP Weather Station page added to Imports section.
28 February 2003 -- Front page redesigned again to feature a new picture.  Old design archived.
24 March 2003 -- In the wake of war, the Iraq Body Count joins the front & Introspection pages.
28 April 2003 -- With the announcement of impending publication, the Loosely Based section is born.
9 January 2004 -- After a long period of stagnation, the front page undergoes a change.  Stats from SiteMeter join the bottom of the page.
12 February 2004 -- Plain Text version of the front page (circa 2002) unearthed and posted.  Later in the day, The Book Quiz becomes the 2nd quiz at the site.
17 February 2004 -- Results of Book Quiz page added.
27 February 2004 -- CQ Link & BQ Link pages added to facilitate traffic.  Link graphics also added to front page.
21 May 2004 -- Loosely Based page revamped to include Reviews & similar pages, as well as a full PDF download of the first 4 chapters of the novel.
26 June 2004 -- Note written to explain slight alterations to two pages of archived Introspection.
17 July 2004 -- The State Quiz becomes the 3rd quiz at the site.
19 July 2004 -- State Quiz Stats added to track the new quiz's results.
20 July 2004 -- Movie of Russ Gooberman's comedy routine added to help promote the comedic genius of the other emu.
6 October 2004 -- A new poll graces the Country, Book, & State Quiz pages, as well as the front page & the InterActive section page.  Thanks to WebSurveyor.
18 November 2004 -- New Graphics Archive for Introspection is added.
2 June 2005 -- The Animal Quiz becomes the 4th quiz at the site.  Simultaneously, the BP begins accepting donations.  A wrap-up for the quiz poll of October 2004-June 2005 is also added.
3 June 2005 -- Front page gets an international counter courtesy of NeoWorx.
5 June 2005 -- Animal Quiz Stats added to track the new quiz's results.
29 June 2005 -- 2003 & 2004 years-in-review finally added, with top movies & books for each.
3 July 2005 -- Search of the Week II:  Dueling Engines revives the old feature.
8 July 2005 -- Front page overhauled to feature a stagnant background.  Old index archived.
15 July 2005 -- A new comic strip, Duck and Cover, is created and added to the BP.
20 July 2005 -- A Feedback Form is created to garner opinions on the BP from its loyal visitors.
23 July 2005 -- Advertising for Party Poker begins at the site.
25 July 2005 -- Advertising for Green Tie Poker begins at the site.  Later in the day, the front page is revamped to add buttons like this one.
8 September 2005 -- A Media section is created to house publicity garnered by the Blue Pyramid, such as this article.  Later in the day, Top Visitor Town added.
29 September 2005 -- The Trains and Railroads Quiz debuts as the first BP quiz to be exported, in this case to RMI Railworks.
6 October 2005 -- Poker advertising ends at The Blue Pyramid.
10 October 2005 -- Advertising through Google AdSense begins.
9 November 2005 -- The Mep Report, a podcast, is launched off-site with Greg Wilson, Russ Gooberman, & Andy Tirrell.
16 November 2005 -- Advertising for begins on the Book Quiz result pages.
5 January 2006 -- Questions for God is introduced, a new interactive project fielding inquiries to a higher power from the internet community.
30 January 2006 -- The University Quiz becomes the 5th quiz on the site.
15 February 2006 -- 2005 year-in-review added, as well as the first annual Blue Pyramid Blog Plaudits, for 2005.
13 March 2006 -- Ongoing Olympics added to track and honor international traffic to the Blue Pyramid.  Recommendation of Coastland Technologies also begins.
25 April 2006 -- Frequently Asked Quiztions added to help answer questions about quizzes.
8 July 2006 -- Blue Pyramid Merchandise opens its doors, offering apparel and gear displaying Country Quiz results.
7 August 2006 -- The Podcast Quiz becomes the second off-site BP quiz.
10 December 2006 -- The 2008 Presidential Ticket Quiz becomes the sixth on-site BP quiz (eighth overall), with a record 768 answers.
5 February 2007 -- In the wake of the ATHF/Boston Bomb Scare, links to the video 1-31-07: Never Forget added to many pages.
17 February 2007 -- One Million Blogs for Peace, an ambitious effort to unite 1,000,000 bloggers against the Iraq War, is announced.  Accompanied by a new blog about the project.
18 February 2007 -- Inner Chambers page added to help support a complete front page overhaul, simplifying the appearance with new rollover graphics.
20 March 2007 -- Official launch of One Million Blogs for Peace, including Tuesday Topics and a List of Blogs.
12 April 2007 -- So It Goes, a Kurt Vonnegut tribute video, posted on the front page.
15 July 2007 -- Introspection, My Worst Friend has its final entry.
2 October 2007 -- StoreyTelling, a new blog, is started to pick up where Introspection left off.
3 October 2007 -- Webhosting moved from Coastland Tech to HostMonster, as explained here.
21 November 2007 -- The Country Quiz II, the first sequel quiz, becomes the seventh on-site BP quiz.
1 September 2008 -- The Women World Leaders Quiz becomes the third off-site BP quiz, hosted by Camp Kupugani, Multicultural Summer Camp for Girls.
6 October 2008 -- In the wake of the $700 billion bailout's rejection and subsequent passage, the Bailout Betrayal Quiz is launched.
15 September 2009 -- After almost a year without substantive changes (only new blog posts and Duck and Cover cartoons), new Archive page and Contact Us page added.
16 September 2009 -- The front page is overhauled, introducting a new navigation bar.
17 November 2009 -- The State Quiz is relaunched with 64 brand-new images fulfilling the original vision for the quiz and corresponding merchandise.
29 November 2009 -- The Book Quiz II is launched as the twelfth BP quiz and the second sequel quiz.
16 March 2010 -- The Blue Pyramid gets a Facebook page and launches the March Madness Challenge.
22 October 2010 -- Blue Pyramid Stories launched as the first video project in BP history.
5 June 2011 -- The Consequences of Capitalism Quiz is launched as the thirteenth BP quiz and the first in over a year and a half.
30 July 2012 -- The Book List is updated to include 13 new submissions for a total of 1,276 books.