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Over the past 6.5+ years of Introspecting, I've managed to collect a fair number of links to people's websites.  Here's a full list of personal webpages to visit, in vastly different stages of decay, ruin, maintenance, & blueness.  This is a new look for this page, to clearly deliniate between two distinct approaches to having a webpage, loosely sorted into "Page" and "Journal"...

Human BeingPageJournal
E.L.G. Clayton* The Love of My Life (31 December 2005)
P.R. Chu Lean Green Machine Comments on Comments
D. Clayton ABQ Electric
A.H. Creel Mad Queendom Changing of the Seasons (retired)
L.D. Cusick Passive-Aggression II:  The Meta Menace (retired)
The Rumble Returns (retired)
J.H. Dolan Shallow Sales (retired)
A.F. Duritz Just About as Funky as He Can Be
A. Family* Tired in a Prius ("on hiatus")
M.D. Frese The Freezer Burns (2005 Best New Blog)
D.W. Gray The Joy of a Science Requirement
K. Grinberg Grin and Berg It Bobbing for Emoticons (retired)
Basic Blog
K.S. Kieran* Chunks of Her (retired)
No Cure for the Common Comma (16 December 2003)
P.C. Larochelle* LaBrain Brain a L'Orange (16 April 2006)
P. Lee Enter the Random
J.K. Lobasz Jenny Blues (retired)
Ithaca is Gorges (retired)
Ithaca II:  Attack of the Dots (retired)

Ithaca III:  This Time It's Not Personal
S.B. Lynch Links and Pink (disappeared)
B.J. Mandel Another Lord of the Rings Reference Starry-Eyed (2005 Emotional Honesty | retired)
Running from Big Brother
J.A. Maruri* Reversed Reflection (24 November 2006)
M.R. McFeeley* Emerging from Youth Where Were You in Chicago? (2006 Best New Blog | 20 December 2006)
G.E. Mesco Transmission (retired)
Whoosh, There It Is (retired)
Skyward Inquiries (19 September 2006)

Movin' Towards Chaos
S.A. Musher Parenthetically Speaking
K.E. Myers Purple People-Eater Jesus, Here We Go Again (retired)
Purple Pen
J.E. Nelson* No Capital Letters (23 October 2004)
P.J. Nichols* Mux Ado About LiciousMux Log (disappeared)
E.L. Niver The Future of Dentistry
A.E. Phillips* The 20-Hour Day Silent in the Morning (5 August 2004)
J.J. Quicksall* Living-Room Safari Still Counting After All These Years (2006 Humor | 5 January 2007)
S.M. Robison* Mmmmm.... Words.... (13 December 2006)
H.R. Rosner Temporary Like Achilles (retired)
Faster, More Furious (2005 Humor)
M.B. Samburg* Another Professor Black Supporter (24 November 2005)
J.B. Segal Another Canada/US Border Victim (retired)
Legal Sea Gull (has become a weird law school tutorial)
A.C. Sepielli 5th Time Around (retired)
L.J. Stevens* Pedantic Pedigrees Voice in the Darkness ("FINIT")
A.R. Tirrell Drewbaca, World Traveler Drewbie Drewbie Drew (2006 Emotional Honesty)
A.G. Unikowsky* Plain Techst (retired)
Blank-Slate Philosophy (8 July 2005)
G.A. Wilson Trying to Hide His Fun Side
S.H. Yuhan* His So-Called Blog, Now Sans Artwork (7 September 2004)
A.B. Zimmerman* The Grandson of Abe (retired)
The Less Fervent Harry Chapin Fan (retired)
The High-Rent District (14 September 2006)

*--Indicates someone who has failed to update their Journal for 40 days or more.
Disclaimer--I don't necessarily sponsor or agree with these pages.  I just read them.

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