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Remembering the

Ay, Moo?  A stylized rendition of the Emu Mating Dance, on world tour in Montreal, Canada, circa February 2002.  The oldest "coach" emu stands mysteriously in the background as the young practice their technique.

Back in 2001, a little band of people got together to form what must be described as a house that only an emu could love.  The Mep House (from the Emu "mep", meaning all forms of communication possible in said language) was officially formed in August 2001 and consisted of four official residents, a host of guests, and more video games than any outsider could think possible.  The Mep House abided by strict codes of conduct, such as fun outweighing any form of work, and bowling outweighing any other activity.  And never ever, under any circumstances, removing the sacred trash from its true home, the kitchen.

Mep No More  
Three avatars of the men of Mep House find an untimely demise at the gates of the mysterious Treibh Caillte in Hibernia.  At last check, this was somewhere between the Boston Market and the Friendly's.  Any similarity between these positions and Greg on the couch watching us play WorldCup/FIFA are purely coincidental.

The Mep House (mistaken for "meth house" by those in less proximity to the area and/or a good phone connection) was famous for being a place that everyone could go, just for a while, and procrastinate their brains loose.  Video games were a good part of this, culminating in the greatest time-consumer of all time, Dark Age of Emus.  The illustration above indicates what happened to our educational lives in the wake of such an activity.

Hey all,

Just wanted to keep everyone updated on the apartment situation.  First, the GREAT news; not sure if Russ told you yet, Storey, but he is going to be up here for law school and is IN on the apt. o' fun plan.  This is obviously a big step for you as well, SC, based on what you mentioned in your E-mail below (having Russ as one component of the apartment o' fun).  Now, the not so good news; I just got the apartment increase today, and it is going up two hundred dollars a month over last year.  This is unfortunate, but still doable (and to be fair, Windsor Village has a huge waiting list and the rent rate for our place for new renters is $80 more a month than we will be paying.) ...

So that's the current situation; again, Storey, let me know about any other questions or concerns you may have as soon as you can manage.  And Russ, woohoo!  Glad you're on board. :)

Founding Documents  An early letter, dated 17 May 2001, regarding the foundation of Mep House.  Note grand plans not fulfilled and others which came through with flying colors.  (Schopenhauer quotation not reprinted due to universal knowledge of same.)

Mep House itself existed within the confines of Windsor Village, where people have a difficult time discerning between parking lots and driving lanes.  There were booby-trapped couches and electronics that Zimmy tried to booby-trap of his own accord.  There were games that put the "bored" in board games (Rack-o, anyone?) and others with enough little tiles to fill an aircraft carrier.  And through it all, thick and thin, we never cracked 200 at the bowling alley.  Eventually, the alley (Brunswick Bowl-A-Way Lanes in Burlington) closed in shame.

Modern Meppers  Fiver Mep and Skystrider Antilles seek their missing brother, Arvan Eleron, in a keep in snow-covered Midgard.  Only Arvan now lives where snow can still be found.

Though the roots of the Mep House date as far back as Providence College 2001 (or perhaps even Nationals 2000), the modern meppers are dispersed across various parts of both coasts of the USA.  There is little solace in knowing that Fink Baking Co., responsible for the early glimmers of Emu Unity, declared bankruptcy during the reign of the Mep House itself.  Someday, despite such setbacks, Emu Unity shall rise again, most likely as soon as Brandeis Debate Nationals in 2003.

An Emu  "Mep"

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