Blue Pyramid Quiz Poll, October 2004 - June 2005

For nearly 8 months, the polls were open...

15,465 people voted.  The results looked like this:
The Animal Quiz - 4,112 votes (26.59%)
The University Quiz - 3,213 votes (20.78%)
The President Quiz - 2,280 votes (14.74%)
The City Quiz - 1,881 votes (12.16%)
The Quiz Quiz - 1,149 votes (7.43%)
The Sea Life Quiz - 1,080 votes (6.98%)
The Book Quiz II - 969 votes (6.67%)
The Country Quiz II - 781 votes (5.05%)

Though there was decent support for quizzes other than The Animal Quiz, this one clearly had the dominant tally of votes.  Considering that it had to compete with Sea Life as a separate category (The Animal Quiz wound up including sea creatures as many of its results), the AQ clearly stood out as the favorite.

Other clear messages from the voters included fairly strong support for a University Quiz at some point, and a summary rejection of sequel quizzes.  The sequels were the only candidates that failed to crack a thousand votes and made it clear that BP visitors want brand-new categories for future quizzes.


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