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Welcome to the BOOK QUIZ

"One of the most sophisticated quizzes out there."  -Fort Worth Star-Telegram
"It's like it looked into my soul."  -Jennifer Weiner, author of In Her Shoes

Everyone loves internet quizzes.  But so few of them offer the satisfaction of giving the quiz-taker a truly unique identity.  Most of them yield a handful of results, almost never more than 10, without recognizing how different people really are.  Here at the Blue Pyramid, we have a novel solution.  We're giving you a second quiz with real variety... with 64 (sixty-four) different possible outcomes!  It's better than a Choose Your Own Adventure book!

Like the last time we did this, there are only 6 (six) questions that you need to answer to find your exact literary match! Rather than spending your entire day giving us details about yourself, we'll give you the details after getting just six responses from you.

Given that there are so few questions, please think carefully about each answer.  We're about to put words in your mouth!

Click here to see the results of the Book Quiz, with both weekly and overall totals from February 2004.

Just for the record, I really hope no one gets offended by any of this.  At times, I try to add some humor into the world of books, and if I'm not amusing to you, just know I wasn't trying to offend anyone.  I just think books and their authors are funny sometimes, and the jokes are meant in good taste.

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Why these books?  The primary basis for selecting the 64 titles herein was the compilation of favorite books submitted by friends and readers.  Contributers submitted lists of their 25 favorite books of all-time and they were ranked cumulatively.  Most all of the results did very well in this cumulative ranking.


Thanks to Books-a-Million for book cover images used on result pages and
to all those who have donated to The Blue Pyramid and supported us over the years!
The Book Quiz and all its written content is © 2004 Storey Clayton.