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Welcome to the ANIMAL QUIZ

Here at the Blue Pyramid, we have long taken pride in our ability to revolutionize the internet quiz.  Having raised the bar from the standard of a handful of answers in a personality test all the way to 64 answers, we've found it's time to raise the bar once more.  So we're giving you a fourth quiz with real variety... with 128 (one-hundred and twenty-eight) different possible outcomes!  To our knowledge, this is the largest number of distinct outcomes of any online quiz in internet history!

This time, we also asked you, our loyal visitor, what the content of the quiz should be.  The polls were open on all the quiz pages and our front page for several months.  The Animal Quiz beat out 7 other options with more than a quarter of the total vote, standing out as the clear favorite of our over 15,000 voters.  For full poll results, click here.

Like the prior quizzes, there are only a few questions you need to answer to find out what you are.  To accomodate the additional results, you now must answer 7 (seven) questions to determine your exact animal match!  Rather than spending your entire day giving us details about yourself, we'll give you the details after getting just seven responses.

Given that there are so few questions, please think carefully about each answer.  The nature of the animal kingdom depends on it!

Click here to see statistics on the results of the Animal Quiz, with both weekly and overall totals! These were updated from June-July 2005.

Just for the record, I really hope no one gets offended by any of this.  At times, I try to add some humor into the world of animals, and if I'm not amusing to you, just know I wasn't trying to offend anyone.  I just think animals are funny sometimes, and the jokes are meant in good fun.

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Thanks to the Animal Pictures Archive for animal images used on result pages, and to
Matt "Fish" McFeeley for use of the images on the Human and Cat result pages, and to
Emily Clayton for writing one of the questions used in this quiz.
Thanks as well to all those who have donated to The Blue Pyramid and supported us over the years!
The Animal Quiz and all its written content is © 2005 Storey Clayton.