Welcome to BluePyramid InterActive!

When computers were first designed, their true potential was seen as being interaction.  When you watch television, you don't really interact with it... you just watch it sit there & tell you stuff & have images move around & so forth.  But computers, & especially the internet, give you the power to interact by making your own decisions.

In this sense, the whole Blue Pyramid is already interactive.  But it's not really that active, because it mostly just tells you stuff & you decide what part of it you want to see, almost like television in some ways.  That's all well & good, but we thought you might want more entertainment while you're procrastinating.  Or whatever it is that you're doing that isn't procrastinating.

Most people like interaction when they're blue.  It really picks them up.

How interactive were the Pyramids?  Hard to say, really, without more information.  You can now walk into them & look around, which is fascinating, but there's not much you can change about them.  Unless you graffiti the walls or something, putting you in the company of Khufu's workers & other very old people.  But I bet this stuff will be more fun than vandalizing a relic...

The Feedback Form is also a new feature here!  Interact by telling us what you think of the Blue Pyramid!

The Animal Quiz is the brand-new feature here!  Click to find out which of 128 animals you are, by answering only 7 questions!!

The State Quiz is the third feature here!  Click to find out which of 64 states you are, by answering only 6 questions!!

The Book Quiz is the second feature here.  Click to find out which of 64 great books you are, by answering only 6 questions!!

The Country Quiz is the original feature.  Click to find out which of 64 of the world's nations you are, by answering only 6 questions!!

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What could be more interactive than a poll about your next interactive feature at the BP?!... We asked that question just a while back.