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~That we can spend more time making more quizzes.
It takes a long time to make a good quiz.  Any creative content takes countless hours of planning, mapping, writing, designing, and of course coding.  The work goes utterly unpaid and when a creator has to have a "day job", there's a lot less creating going on.  The more this site receives, the more content can be provided.  We'd love to hear suggestions on non-quiz content you'd like to see as well!

~That we can go back to being free of advertising.
We recently had to decide to use some advertising on the site.  With your help, we can return to being ad-free.

~That we can cover our overhead costs.
Running a website isn't free.  You have to pay the domain registrar, the hosting service, and as content and popularity expand, so often do the costs.  When the BP needs to expand as we run out of free disk space, it's going to cost more every year to maintain.

~That we don't sell out.
Nah, just kidding... we wouldn't do that anyway.  But financial pressures have driven people to some pretty dubious things over the years...

Every bit helps... no donation is too small!

What else you can do to help:

~Buy Loosely Based.
If you've enjoyed our creative efforts here at the BP, you're almost sure to like this novel!  It's available at all major online booksellers and as an e-book as well as a conventional book.

~Offer your suggestions.
Please e-mail us your thoughts, positive or negative, on what we're doing at the BP.  We're always open to new ideas for content, be they quizzes or something else.  If we're feeling inspired, we'll try to make it happen!

~Join the Mailing List.
Send us an e-mail requesting to join the mailing list.  You'll be kept in the loop on any upcoming content at the BP.


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