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For nearly a year (from August 2002 to August 2003), the original Search of the Week chronicled the great & the ridiculous paths that people followed to enter the Blue Pyramid.  The original divided free-form searches from those (more accurate) using quotations.  Well, we've decided to bring back the Search of the Week, this time discarding quotations-based searches as they tend to be accurate at finding things that the Blue Pyramid actually contains.  This couldn't be further from the purpose of the Search of the Week, which is to chronicle the inaccuracies that search engines allow, as well as the crazy things that people seek on the internet.  This time, Google & Yahoo! will face off each week for the hearts & minds of the sequel SOTW.

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Week Google SOTW Yahoo! SOTW
27 August - 2 September 2006 bleeding for 8 days god when will i die
20-26 August 2006 fixing a hole in a feeling latter of recommendation for a co-worker
13-19 August 2006 flash presentation made me cry tree roots font
6-12 August 2006 stina looks like september 2 personality
30 July - 5 August 2006 spray windex on centipede what is book?
23-29 July 2006 looking for lost friends in bombay let passers 2003
16-22 July 2006 yahoo benji rogers my space hippy graphics
25 June - 1 July 2006 girls love gris best business books ever written
18-24 June 2006 tranquility if you remember www.globe korea org
11-17 June 2006 are me and my guy friend more then friends quizzes artist john sto
4-10 June 2006 raise an interactive animal mep malaysia
28 May - 3 June 2006 riding bart for fun fiji font
21-27 May 2006 rollin with bob saget mp3 downloads what's the scoop dartmouth
14-20 May 2006 plush shrimp scandanavian railroads
30 April - 6 May 2006 suggestions to a friend contemplating
illegal substance use?
a birthday wish for a month of may on his 23rd birthday
23-29 April 2006 my name is shaq and how much would it cost to crave it say things shock value
16-22 April 2006 ranking lists of chinese youth favorites www.tim storey.org
9-15 April 2006 "made me look like a girl" most people are convinced that you don't make any sense
2-8 April 2006 is there gonna be a sandlot 3 tomorrow's weather at disneyland
26 March - 1 April 2006 smash it eric, senior speech ladybug quiz
19-25 March 2006 meth house booby traps how we can impress other
12-18 March 2006 all the books ever made and what they are about sunset on april 1
5-11 March 2006 baskin robbins satisfied customer letters the counter ia turkey
22-28 January 2006 how do you get in a pyramid take a book test on any book when you find a book
and take a quiz on it
15-21 January 2006 valentines fluffy test let passers as of 2003
8-14 January 2006 stealing baby burrito zippers find natasha 27
1-7 January 2006 christ the boxer anti introspection theory
25-31 December 2005 "rani waterman" -theatre -actor -monkeys cat's cradle games
18-24 December 2005 chevy chase and jelly bean of the month club world war iii ++ 2006
11-17 December 2005 science behind gro-beast crack hair pro 2005
4-10 December 2005 order bedridden thrilled cartoon couple
27 November - 3 December 2005 list of sad mellow bands why the pond appears than is really is
20-26 November 2005 lamps - poker theme free text of the lion the witch and the wardrobe -amazon -movie
13-19 November 2005 "surrealism is simply" the is a guy who keeps calling, blog
6-12 November 2005 slumpiness ben brandzel phone number
30 October - 5 November 2005 children's booklist on napping/sleeping new pyramid in bosnia
23-29 October 2005 making a going away book for last day halloween riming words
16-22 October 2005 myers briggs nt nf relationships marriage affair the meaning of the invisible friend in kids of five years old
9-15 October 2005 apache helicopter ye have faith "we don't make a lot of the things you use"
2-8 October 2005 movie stick figure life wheelchair ghost town chapman university
25 September - 1 October 2005 mail after a getting a project farewell in to the blue
18-24 September 2005 punishment for littering in virginia what is the interaction with humans in cambodia
11-17 September 2005 how many rungs apart should be on a chicken ladder? father and son clutch
4-10 September 2005 download winston's potty chair back rounds for web pages
28 August - 3 September 2005 where is gandhi in fahrenheit 451 like i bridge offer troubled water lyrics
21-27 August 2005 chemistry song lyrics that's right i devoted my life
to the study of chemistry
how many people live greenland
14-20 August 2005 brandeis off the pig tell me about the country of mexico
7-13 August 2005 love sentiments or craziness quiz about the david copperfield by charles dickens
31 July - 6 August 2005 philly more fun with ping pong pyramid at turkey country
24-30 July 2005 broken arm decorated cake how does the great wall of china been discovered?
17-23 July 2005 what princeton eating club is right for you quiz whale meat income
10-16 July 2005 heller plastic makeup organizer tray rich people in ethiopia
3-9 July 2005 can't stop banging to the shindig lyrics palestine resort
26 June - 2 July 2005 levy restaurant mcafee coliseum phone number how to write from a married couple
19-25 June 2005 nba is rigged miss clovis california 2002
12-18 June 2005 the name's blue, jetblue hedonistic pleasures
5-11 June 2005 dance dance revolution + mental health you know you're from lebanon when
29 May - 4 June 2005 make a sheboygan pacbell can you recommend a vacation place in the us
for a couple over 50 years old
22-28 May 2005 "suspension hanging" faq guide how to fear of the dark poster
15-21 May 2005 model mugging course providence how country are you?
8-14 May 2005 how happy is the little stone emily analysis the making of madagascar
1-7 May 2005 what is 17 year old elizabeth smart like right now? rock climbing in bhutan
24-30 April 2005 appeal to incredulity malaysian bahasa melayu daily lesson plan year 2
17-23 April 2005 afsheen beast from the east quizzes that determine if you have an ego
10-16 April 2005 i can tell she's trying to move me into the friend zone,
but i'm on to her and i'll have none of it
vietnamese people who communicate on the phone with there friend

NOTE:  While this list begins with searches from April 2005, this feature page was created on 3 July 2005.  As we did last time, we've dug up some older searches to get the page going.

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