Shipping Into the Pyramid

Egypt had a large shipping industry & one thing the Egyptians couldn't get enough of were cats (pictured).  Really the allusion here may just be an excuse to discuss cats, but also has relevance to the whole Blue Pyramid theme.  Cats were revered as gods by the alleged Pyramid-builders, & maybe it was all for the love of a deified feline that such incredible structures exist today.  Blue cats are extremely rare, & usually the result of too much hair dye combined with a little bit of ill will.  & don't tell me that the cat likes it.  Nevertheless, imported goods are good to have around, for they show the strength & wealth of a society.  For the purposes of this small society, imports shall be things not shipped in from across the seas, but stuff from the internet (or other sources perhaps) that wends its way to the Pyramid.  Cats don't really enjoy travel, anyway, & seasickness leads to unpleasant results in said animals...

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