The (Unofficial) APDA Nationals 2003 Site
11-13 April 2003

Official Nationals Invitation
Tournament Staff

Official Invitation, by TD Jeff Nelson

Brandeis University Invites You to Attend
APDA National Championships
April 11-13th 2003

Every qualified APDA school and participant out there is formally invited to come to Brandeis University in a couple months to enjoy themselves and debate. My titile is the most formal thing I'm capable of writing, so I'll be business like and give you the score as to what you can expect from our Nationals tournament.

1) 6, count them 6 excellent rounds of debate against some of the best competitors in our country
2) Hotel accomadations at the luxurious and nearby Newton Marriot hotel (five minutes from campus)
3) A quick efficient and world acclaimed tab/judge director team of Clea Emerson-Farley, and Greg Wilson
4) Food, good food.
5) A double edged party on Friday eve, starting in the Marriott, with shuttle service to the infamous Mod 32 club on campus for an after party
6) A stylish banquet on saturday ripe with non-meat options for the moral and religious eaters out there, followed once again by an after party at Brandeis.
7) A judging pool deeper than the Pacific Ocean, with dinos from across the nation and the decade.
8) Numerous other attractions that are in the works, and too wonderful to speak about until they are solidified.

Sadly the best things in life aren't free as is evidenced by the fact that a registration fee of 230 USD per team, and 115 USD per judge will be applied. But rest assured on two facts... first there will be absolutely no late fees!! And two, our team is working tirelessly to gain additional funding, which will be applied to this tournament. All fees will be spent towards the tournament, all books are open and available to inspection upon request, and in the chance of any surplus we will refund the difference to your team.
To be tough though, a few policies will be enforced. If you have not paid by the day of Nationals you will not compete. The only exception is the individual team cost if new teams qualify in the weekends prior to Nationals. Other than this no requests for leeway will be listened to. Additionally any team oweing monies to the Brandeis University Debate Team will be required to pay their outstanding balance. I reserve the right to a)room any team in debt to us in the basement of the Brandeis Castle... or b) Not allow them to compete. I vow to throw an enormous amount of our teams money and effort into making a great tournament, and we need payment from our regular tournament to do this. (attached is a list of schools that still owe money)
Invoices for both our past and National Tournament are attached. Print them out and send them our way.
Now I feel like I work for a collection agency... yet I look forward to putting together a great tournament for you all come April. I would also encourage you all to drum up names of dinos, we are garunteeing full compensation for 15 Dinos (probably more) send their emails to me so that I can contact them and we can put together a large a varied pool for you. Feel free to contact me with any question, concerns, or suggestions.

-Jeff Nelson
Nats TD
781 529 7535

QualTracker, a List of Debaters Qualified to Attend

SchoolDebaterDate Qualified
AmherstElaine Ewing10/19/02
BUJon Marcus11/2/02
BUMike Specian11/2/02
ColumbiaJessee Alexander-Hoeppner9/21/02
ColumbiaMax Mayer-Cesiano9/21/02
ColumbiaEvan Mayo-Wilson9/21/02
ColumbiaAndy Tirrell9/21/02
CornellBrad Grossman11/2/02
GWAaron Schroeder10/5/02
HarvardCheryl Chan12/7/02
HarvardYu Ping Chan10/12/02
HarvardAngela Kim12/7/02
HarvardNico Cornell9/28/02
HarvardDavid Kimel3/8/03
HarvardRich Lichtenstein3/8/03
HarvardScott Lichtenstein3/8/03
HarvardMarty Roth10/19/02
HarvardBen Shultz9/28/02
HarvardJason Wen3/15/03
HopkinsAaron Back10/12/02
HopkinsJonathan Bateman 1/25/03
HopkinsRajiv Devanagondi10/12/02
HopkinsNita Kumaraswami1/25/03
MarylandAndrew Daniller11/2/02
MarylandGreg Jennings11/2/02
MarylandSean Kates11/2/02
MarylandJames McNamara2/22/03
MITBen Hebert10/19/02
MITPhil Larochelle9/28/02
MITSteve Larson1/15/03
MITPat Nichols9/28/02
MITAdam Unikowsky10/5/02
NYUAmanda Entin2/2/03
NYUEmily Schleicher2/2/03
NYUKate Sawyer3/29/03
NYUNeil Vakharia11/9/02
PrincetonGilbert Lee11/9/02
PrincetonNick Pilchak10/19/02
PrincetonYoni Schneller11/16/02
PrincetonKate Reilly10/19/02
PrincetonSteph Tatham10/19/02
PrincetonDom Williams10/19/02
StanfordJeff Davidson2/2/03
StanfordMichael Kives2/2/03
SwarthmoreSarah Drescher11/9/02
SwarthmoreRob Peterson11/9/02
SwarthmoreSonya Hoo1/25/03
UMBCKate Myers10/5/02
UPennAlex Simkin10/12/02
UVAAmanda Griffin12/7/02
UVAJessica Lewis9/21/02
UVAJames Layman9/21/02
W&MClinton Herget2/22/03
W&MRobbie Pratt11/16/02
W&MArthur Traldi10/12/02
WilliamsJoe Gallagher3/8/03
WilliamsMike Pinkel3/8/03
YaleJosh Bendor1/25/03
YaleJay Cox10/5/02
YaleAdam Jed9/21/02
YaleAndrew Korn3/8/03
YaleAaron Lemon-Strauss11/16/02
YaleBeth O'Connor9/21/02
YaleAriel Schneller11/16/02
YaleTim Willenken10/5/02

School# Teams
All Others1

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Tournament Staff for Nats 2003

Jeff Nelson, Tournament Director
Clea Emerson-Farley, Tab Director
Greg Wilson, Judging Director

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