Change in Text Note

For the first time ever, I have altered the original text of Introspection, My Worst Friend.  An old acquaintance of mine is trying to remove her full name from websites so that employers cannot find her own site via Google.  While I admit that this idea goes against the very reason I have a website, I can understand her desire to maintain website that is separate from her professional life.  As a result, I have left only her first name on the pages in question.  These are 1 July 2001 & 19 June 2003.  For the sake of the record, so that the text isn't wholly altered, but simply safe from Google, the last name of the individual in question is Musher.

To those who don't know me well (& even those who do), this might seem like a big deal made out of nothing at all.  Why provide the note & not simply change the original text?  The answer lies in my historical roots & my belief in primary sources.  Introspection has never had a word of it altered before, & this note is not meant to signal a dawning era of revisionist history.  I find an importance & precision in words & in the value of perspectives frozen from a particular time, uncolored by the memory & fog we place on our own pasts.  Without this sense of preservation, there is little point in the keeping of any diary, public or private.  & while it would be excessive to insist on prioritizing this ideal over someone's polite & sincere request to remain able to get a job in this crazy country, I think it makes sense to draw the compromise here in this note.

Storey Clayton
26 June 2004
Oakland, California

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