2004 broke the streak for best-years-of-life that had been set in the 3 previous ones.  That makes it sound like a bad year, which it wasn't.  Beginning at one home in Berkeley & ending at another in Albuquerque, 2004 got the job done without standing out in any real way.  I worked for Seneca all year, which was rewarding but still took incredible patience, energy, & often strife.  My first full year of marriage was great, but a bit soured by Emily's summer of endless work.  We moved in with Fish in March, which was great, but he hated his job so much that happiness seemed a little delayed.  Remember 2004 as a get-me-over curve-ball. Though that just reminds me that the Mariners lost 99 games in 2004.  At least Ichiro got that record!

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