Best 5 Movies of 2005

2005 began with the movie industry panicking that some external factor had ruined movie-going in America.  By about midway through the year, they realized that all the movies were garbage, and people didn't want to watch garbage.  By the year's end, they righted the ship.  Three movies besides the ones picked deserve to be on this list... The Interpreter, The Constant Gardener, & After Innocence.  They're all quite political, much more so than most of the actual top five.  Why the move away from political films for the best of the best?  I don't know.  It's hard to argue with a movie that captured exactly what it's like to fall in love, & another that captured exactly what it's like to lose love.  Add to that a film about the constancy of love, top it with a movie that everyone has to love, & bottom it out with a movie about how violence is mistakenly borne of love.  The last of these would've gone from bottom to top if I were able to trust Spielberg in making an actual anti-violence movie.  But after Saving Private Ryan, such trust can ne'er be given & it gets #5 in spite of itself, most likely.  So, this is the order...

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
March of the Penguins

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