2005 was a year of turmoil.  Turmoil isn't necessarily bad, but it often was this time around.  I returned to the east coast & mingled with the debate scene again for the first time in years, judging at three tournaments in February & March.  After months of fence-sitting about my job with Seneca Center, May pushed me over the edge with a life-threatening encounter with two of our kids.  I never went back.  I spent the summer recovering, while Em worked an impossible schedule again.  At summer's end, I got a new job, with Em's dad's railroad company, doing web design.  In October, we joined my parents for a trip to Yellowstone, easily the highlight of the year.  In November, California voters rejected what Em had spent much of the last few months working on, but also rejected the pharmaceutical companies.  In 2005, I wrote two quizzes, no books, & spun my wheels like a fiend.  Sometimes drifting is not enough.  The year began & ended in Albuquerque.

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