I Was a History Major

Rough sketch of the "Storey", c. late 1990's.

This fact makes it abnormally likely for me to care more about the past than I should.  Ask most any of my friends about that fact.  But in addition to excessive interest in dwelling on the past, it also leads me to document as much as I can.  If the Egyptians had been better about documenting their past, we might know who really built the pyramids, & why.

Here's what I've built so far, historically speaking.  (Here's why)...
~Ye Olde Archive, documents from 8 September 1998 to the present
~Timeline of the Blue Pyramid, documenting this website
~My Life as an Emu, tracking my college debate career
~2001, remembering that year
~Happy New Year 2002, the latest picture on the site
~Unofficial Debate Awards, for posterity
~The June Drought, explaining a tough time for the site
~Remembering the MEP HOUSE, recalling my senior year in college's residence
~2002, remembering that year
~2003, remembering that year
~2004, remembering that year
~2005, remembering that year