The June Drought
-----18-25 June 2002-----

For a week in June 2002, the Blue Pyramid was down sporadically.  The causes of this, like most historical events, were rooted in the past.  On 7 May of said year, the folks at Coastland Tech moved the contents of the site to new servers.  This created a freezing of the site on the new servers, though the old server was still alive till 18 June.  At that point, the old server vanished & all that remained was the 7 May edition of the BP, along with backed up files of changes since, all of which had (fortunately) been saved on a hard drive.

Further DNS complications made it impossible to restore the BP till 25 June, since almost nothing on the web happens in exact real-time.  People sporadically were able to access the site from 21-25 June, but it's unclear why or how, since the DNS was inconsistent.  As of 25 June, the nameservers were all moved from Active-Domain to CT, greatly simplifying the page's access.  At that point, the page was permanently restored to its previous state, as though the Drought had not taken place.

Two lessons seem clear from the June Drought:
(1) Back up everything.
(2) Keep checking seemingly down websites.

Thanks for your patience during this dry spell.  Please report further dry spells, should they occur.