Khufu, an alleged Egyptian pharoah, is given almost all of the credit for the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt.
While I'm skeptical about this claim, I do wish to credit some of the following people & influences on this page:

Mike Topper was the first person to introduce me to html, & even to say that I could have a webpage.
Alisha Creel (site) introduced me to weblogs as a concept, plus she saved the Pond from a FrontPage-inspired doom in 2001.
Dom Williams designed the favorite icon for this site.
Matt McFeeley gave me flack.  This continues to the present day.
David Gray is moksha, even if he can't tell you so.
Jake Quicksall (site) numbers T-shirts.  Pay him.
John Schneider makes us wonder if he really is insane.
David Kunkel could teach at medical school, but wonders if he'll be admitted to one.
Matt Frese convinces high school baseball players they're good enough for college.
Emily Clayton (site) is the most supportive person I know.  She also visits this webpage more than you do.
Ray Bradbury wrote Tomorrow's Child, which inspired the whole Blue Pyramid thing in the first place.
Mohandas Gandhi is the best role model for my or any other life.

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