Readers Write... Praise for Loosely Based:

“Overall, an excellent read. The following features warrant special praise:
1) Expertly drawn, intelligent characters. I have often had the experience of reading books with very introspective characters and thinking, "Wow, I'm just a whole lot deeper and more thoughtful than these people. Why am I reading this?" By contrast, the characters in Loosely Based -- especially Matt Norton -- struck me as very deep and searching.
2) Wonderful, dark humor. While this book features lots of "American" motifs -- highways, telemarketing, etc. -- its gallows humor demonstrated what I view as a very British sensibility; think of Martin Amis. This is to the book's credit.
3) An ironic, quirky, and very unforced plot. Rather than relying on very obvious ways of advancing the plot, Clayton lets the attributes of his very fully-developed characters drive the action, and leaves the rest to chance, accident, and rather brutal irony.

This is one of the better books I've read in recent years; those looking for new fiction by (heretofore) undiscovered talent would be wise to try Loosely Based.”

-A reader from Yale University, New Haven, CT United States

“Loosely Based is excellently written. Storey Clayton is an exciting new voice for the millennial generation.”

-A reader from Portland, OR United States
“This book is simply amazing. Its surreal atmosphere belies a very grounded and relevent set of characters. I recommend it for everyone who has an interest in contemporary American writing.”

-A reader from United States

“'Loosely Based' by Storey Clayton was a surprisingly good read considering the author is so young, some good characters and an engaging story kept me up till the small hours reading it.”

-Kerry Dixon
(source: kerrydixon on livejournal)

“So, I just got - and read - the cleverly-titled Loosely Based (see Amazon listing). It's good.

While I had some quibbles with parts of it, I definitely enjoyed the read - enough so that I stayed up to finish it.

And you should read Loosely Based - buy it or borrow my copy!

-Kevin Grinberg
(source: GrinBlog)

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