Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If I sign up for the Mailing List, will I get spam?
A: Absolutely not. The Loosely Based list is only for information about Loosely Based, or other books by its author as they might arise. Your e-mail address will be kept entirely confidential.

Q: Other than clicking the link, how can I sign up for the Mailing List?
A: Send an e-mail with subject "Subscribe" to

Q: Chapters 1-4 are available for download, but what about the Prologue?
A: While the Prologue is an essential part of the book, Chapters 1-4 were determined to be the best sampling as they discuss the multiple plots which are interwoven in Loosely Based.

Q: What is Loosely Based loosely based on?
A: Nothing, actually. The title is meant as a discussion of the issue of interpretation, not as a label for the novel's origins.

Q: Is Storey Clayton a pseudonym?
A: No, it's the author's real name which appears on his birth certificate.

Q: How'd the author get the name Storey?
A: It's a long story.

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