About Loosely Based:
Matt Norton, high school class of 2000, is tired of Kansas.  His divorced parents barely know him, his distracted girlfriend barely cares, and he needs a change.  College offers the promise of freedom from all he has known and grown to hate.

Antigone Edgewood, college dropout, is fleeing Chicago.  Her abusive boyfriend has gone too far, and now she will go as far as she can to get away.  A late-night diner offers the chance to sit down and contemplate her future.

Joe Ewing is investigating what he secretly suspects to be the biggest crime of his career.

Loosely Based is a story of interstates and intersections in modern American life.

About the Author:
Storey Clayton was born in Carson City, Nevada in 1980.  He proceeded to visit 45 additional United States in the years that followed, giving him a variety of perspectives on its inhabitants.  He has eagerly applied such perspective to writing and to debate, winning the North American Parliamentary Debate championship for Brandeis University in 2001.

Clayton graduated from Brandeis the following year with degrees in History and Philosophy.  He now works in libraries and lives with his fiancee Emily and cat Pandora, in Berkeley, California.  Loosely Based is Clayton’s first novel.

Since Publishing Loosely Based:
Storey Clayton has married his fiancee Emily, moved to Oakland, and switched from library work to counseling emotionally disturbed youth in a group home.  He is currently working on his second novel, tentatively titled American Dream On.

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