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Welcome to the COUNTRY QUIZ II

The original Country Quiz debuted at the Blue Pyramid on 18 January 2003.

Featuring 64 answers based on just six questions per quiz, it changed the whole way people thought about online quizzes. In the half-decade that followed, the quiz would be taken more than 3,000,000 times by people from nearly every country on the globe.

Haven't you been wondering, well, what other country you are?

Just shy of the five-year anniversary, we're bringing back the classic that started it all, with 64 countries not featured in the original. As before, it will take you just 6 questions to determine your precise national match from the 64 possible outcomes...

This sequel quiz is coming fully loaded with a full line of merchandise for each of the 64 answers. Each answer also carries a link to its own merchandise page.

We may eventually track which are the most and least common outcomes. This remains a project that is periodically interesting, but tends not to last too long.

The original caveat still holds: For the record, I really hope no one gets offended by any of this. At times, I try to add some humor into the world of countries, and if I'm not amusing to you, just know I wasn't trying to offend anyone. I just think history and humans are funny sometimes, and the joke is usually on leaders, not peoples.

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Thanks to Wikipedia for help in producing some of the images on result pages and
to all those who have donated to The Blue Pyramid and supported us over the years!

The Country Quiz II and all its written content is © 2007 Storey Clayton.