Praise for my worst friend from better friends...

"I know you've become even more fond of these short little cryptic paragraphs, but elaboration is always good."
~Guen Mesco

"I saw that on one of my ten favorite websites:  Introspection, My Worst Friend."
~Andrew Sepielli

"Storey now lives in a Blue Pyramid, but still has his Introspection page.  The old Pro and I differ in web journal philosophy:  he will record things on paper and enter them later in a sitting, whereas my entries are 'live' in some sense (and largely devoid of later edition).  And yet I think we both manage to be a strange combination of cryptic and exhibitionist."
~Alisha Creel

"I'm never going to be as cool as Storey and write everything down on a little sheet of paper for future updates."
~Kate Myers

"I sure do like chicken.  But 'Introspection, My Worst Friend' may just have that finger-licking bbq sauce taste beat.  Move over white meat!  There's a new kid on the block, and his name is Storey W. Clayton"
~David Gray

They're talking about Introspection, My Worst Friend, which is updated daily here at the Blue Pyramid.

An extensive history of looking inward (& outward) is at the Archive, dating back to 1998.

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