29 May 2007

Eleventh Tuesday Topic

Cindy Sheehan, perhaps the most famous personality in the effort to end the Iraq War in America, announced yesterday that she is leaving the peace movement.

She cites extreme disillusionment with both American politicians and the peace movement in general, as well as personal exhaustion and strife, as her reasons for the departure.

What do you think of this decision and its reasoning?

What impact, if any, do you think her announcement will have on the peace movement?

What parts, if any, of her frustration do you relate to?


23 May 2007

Moving in the Wrong Direction

While the Democrats are running away from courage or conviction on the issue of withdrawing for Iraq, the Bush administration apparently has plans to set a record high for US troop deployment in Iraq before the end of 2007.

Oh boy.

If anyone were less than fully convinced that Bush's strategy is to create a culture of literally unending war, I think it's time to concede.

If nothing else, it is utterly imperative that someone get elected in the US next time around who is overtly committed to ending this war and not starting new ones. Given that said person, if elected, would not take over until January 2009, it's vital to get everyone united and organized against the war in the meantime.

(Link via Lair of the Blue Bear.)


21 May 2007

Tenth Tuesday Topic

Over 1,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed since three US soldiers were kidnapped in Iraq.

During that time, the predominant focus of thousands of US troops has been to locate those three soldiers.

What does this say to you about the priorities and ethos behind the Iraq War?


17 May 2007

Two Weeks Left in May Challenge!

There are just 14 days left in the May Challenge... you have until 11:59 PM (Pacific Daylight Time) on May 31st, 2007 to have your fellow bloggers sign up with you as their referrer!

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In other news, we're closing in on 500 total blogs. A long way to go, but a good healthy start...


14 May 2007

Ninth Tuesday Topic

Well more foreign soldiers have now been killed in Iraq than were killed in the 9/11 attacks.

While there are obvious distinctions in the manner of death and status of the dead (civilian vs. military), the fact remains that each dead person leaves a gaping and torturous hole in the world of the people they leave behind.

Could you imagine politicians leveling the same rhetoric against the Iraq War that was leveled against 9/11?

Do you feel that those responsible for perpetrating the war have any sense of this responsibility they bear?


09 May 2007

May Challenge Field Wide Open

The May Challenge is still completely wide open, with no particular blog taking a significant advantage or lead at this point. No blog has more than one referral this month, so anyone who gets two other blogs to sign up will become the immediate frontrunner!

Here are the standings so far:

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07 May 2007

Eighth Tuesday Topic

Describe the political and governmental format for Iraq that you feel gives Iraq its best chance at long-term peace.

What do you see as potential pitfalls of other systems?


01 May 2007

Seventh Tuesday Topic

The United States Congress passed a bill last week limiting war funding and calling for substantial withdrawal by next March.

President Bush is expected to veto. It is also expected that there are insufficient votes to override this veto, and this will lead to negotiations on a compromise bill.

Do you trust those who are against the war in the US Congress to stick to their policies and stand up for peace? If not, do you find any wholly political solutions likely or viable for the short-term in ending the Iraq War?