02 October 2007

Twenty-Third Tuesday Topic

At a recent U.S. Democratic debate, the top three contenders for that party's nomination (Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, and John Edwards) all said that their administration might leave American troops in Iraq until at least January 20, 2013.

For a second straight election, it seems almost certain that the United States will be prosecuting a war that the majority of the country opposes while having no major-party candidates who are against the war.

How can the two-party system be circumvented to prevent war without end?



At 03 October, 2007 08:36 , Red Valley said...

Very easily: All we have to do is stop listening to the media and get rid of the 'Anybody But X' mentality that the DLC has brainwashed us with. We need to stop choosing the lesser of evils and start deciding that we want higher standards than that. People are more open to that than you might think if you only watch commercial newscasts. As recently as mid-September, an opinion poll by Gallup was conducted whose results suggested that 57% of the population thinks "a major third party is needed," whereas only 39% thought the Democratic and Republican parties "do an adequate job." Only 4% of the population was unsure in that poll.

Who decides the election results in this country anyway: the media or us? The media has only the power of persuasion (or more accurately, deception) folks; the vote is ours. And it's still early, by election standards. Most people traditionally don't start paying serious attention to the primaries until around Thanksgiving or so. So don't expect much of anything the establishment hasn't prearranged until then. That's when things will really start to get shaken up. And even as the primaries come upon us, things can change dramatically in a heartbeat. The candidate(s) who win(s) the early primaries, if one who is performing weaker in the national polls, can motivate people to change their mind by their victory. It's not over until it's over, and it isn't nearly over yet, so let's not despair. And even if someone like Hillary wins her party's primary, who cares? All that will do is confirm what I already realize: that the DLC is in firm control of the Democratic Party. There are other candidates out there already who possess far more progressive platforms than any of the Democratic candidates, and certainly more so than Hillary, and people are, for the first time in recent memory, seriously open to voting for them. So let's not go home and cry yet. There's all sorts of hope out there. We just have to come to the realization that most people already have: that that hope doesn't lie in the current Congress.


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