24 July 2007

Eighteenth Tuesday Topic

What gives you hope about the current situation in Iraq?



At 30 July, 2007 11:53 , Red Valley said...

The hope I have with regard to the war stems from what people are saying. With more than 70% of Iraqis opposed to the war and more than 70% of Americans also opposed to the war, we are now in more of a position to bring this war to an end than ever yet. And these numbers seem to grow by the day, as does hope that both of our countries can one day live together without bloodshed between one another. More hope on my part stems from recent Congressional action in the United States. While it's failed to get far thus far, the House recently took the boldest step it has yet in calling for the closing of American military bases and opposing the theft of Iraqi oil that was previously regarded as central to "success" and "transitioning the mission." But most important is the people. When the people on both sides of a conflict stand up together in opposition to a war, how long can it be before that war is forced to a close? One more minute of bloodshed is too long, but we are stuck with it for the time being. But there is more reason to hope now than ever with the polling we're seeing, despite all of the horrible news we're hearing of from the battlefield. WE can end this war! But WE have to stop simply answering "no" to poll questions on whether we support the war and turn our words into actions. LET'S have peace now! Take action today! If there are no actions on the books in your area, organize one. Or put yourself on the books to participate in the September 15th March on Washington. Or both. Or circulate information about the event on the web and in your neighborhood. Sign the petition to impeach Bush and Cheney. But whatever you do, DO SOMETHING!


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