25 June 2007

Fifteenth Tuesday Topic

We all want the Iraq War to end tomorrow.

But when do you think it will end?

Explain what you think will change or what events will transpire to eventually end the War.



At 27 June, 2007 08:46 , Red Valley said...

The answer to the question of when the war will end may well depend on one's definition of it. Being painfully realistic, I think we will only see the first serious troop withdrawals in 2009, with the installment of a Democratic president and possibly a more solidly Democratic Congress. At that, I very much doubt that our government will be willing to instigate a total pullout in one fell swoop. Rather, we will see exactly what most of the Democratic contenders are currently suggesting: a gradual withdrawal of combat and only combat troops over the course of roughly a year. So, if that is one's definition of the end of the war, then the war will probably end around May of 2010. But if true Iraq sovereignty is the definition of war's end, the war will likely go on indefinitely for the forseeable future with the continuing presence of an occupation force and long-term oil contracts with the Iraqi government forced on it by American and British oil companies. There is a chance we may not see the end of the occupation within our lifetime.

The above is not to say that this is fate. The government, including Congress, is NOT helpless to end this war now. All Congress has to do is exactly what it does best: fail to pass legislation. Just simply failing to deliver Bush any more war funds by failing to pass the next war supplemental would force Bush to withdraw the troops. Without money, the war cannot be continued. But knowing the current Congress, that won't happen. Instead, Congress will continue to live in the imaginary world concocted by the press in which it has to pass a bill over the president's inevitable veto. Personally, I doubt sufficient Republican Congresspeople will defect to a drawdown measure to overrule a presidential veto. This means we're relying on the unreliable Democrats.


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