23 May 2007

Moving in the Wrong Direction

While the Democrats are running away from courage or conviction on the issue of withdrawing for Iraq, the Bush administration apparently has plans to set a record high for US troop deployment in Iraq before the end of 2007.

Oh boy.

If anyone were less than fully convinced that Bush's strategy is to create a culture of literally unending war, I think it's time to concede.

If nothing else, it is utterly imperative that someone get elected in the US next time around who is overtly committed to ending this war and not starting new ones. Given that said person, if elected, would not take over until January 2009, it's vital to get everyone united and organized against the war in the meantime.

(Link via Lair of the Blue Bear.)



At 23 May, 2007 14:04 , A Cog in The Wheel said...

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At 24 May, 2007 03:51 , Red Valley said...

Dennis Kucinich is the only candidate running who is committed to peace. Besides having voted against the original war authorization, he moreover authored a report demonstrating to 125 of his fellow Democrats that there were no WMDs back in 2002 and led them in voting against the measure. He moreover has voted against every war supplemental bill (including this year's) and, hence, every reauthorization of the war. He furthermore has offered an expert-drafted 12-point plan for not only getting the U.S. out of Iraq, but also for stabilizing it and repairing it in the process, in addition to guaranteeing both Iraq's political and economic sovereignty. He is the only candidate calling for not only the withdrawal of combat troops, but also the withdrawal of ALL U.S. troops and contractors. Clearly, Dennis Kucinich is THE peace candidate. No other presidential candidate compares, especially on the issue of the war.

At 24 May, 2007 08:57 , A Cog in The Wheel said...

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At 29 May, 2007 19:07 , Bluebear2 said...

The Democrats have thoroughly disgusted me by caving in on the issue and then trying to clean up after themselves by getting some funding for Katrina.

BTW Thanks for the nod!


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