09 May 2007

May Challenge Field Wide Open

The May Challenge is still completely wide open, with no particular blog taking a significant advantage or lead at this point. No blog has more than one referral this month, so anyone who gets two other blogs to sign up will become the immediate frontrunner!

Here are the standings so far:

BlogMay Referrals

Get your fellow bloggers to sign up today! Don't forget that the grand prize is a $50 gift certificate from Amazon.com!



At 12 May, 2007 10:44 , Anonymous said...

You know what would be a more interesting competition?

A competition between politicians to see who can get the troops home the quickest.

At 14 May, 2007 09:44 , Storey Clayton said...

Somehow I think that competition might require a little more than a $50 Amazon gift certificate as incentive.

Sadly the power of the peace lobbyists has never been that strong.


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