16 April 2007

Please Act NOW in Virtual Rally #2!

Here's all you have to do to participate:

1. Click this link:
(opens new window)
2. Click digg it under the number next to the title of the article.
3. If prompted, register for Digg or login, and then repeat above steps.

Last time we fell just a little short, so it's very important for everyone to participate early and get all your friends on board! I have sent out reminder e-mails to all members subscribed to the e-mail list.

If we get around 100+ "diggs" in the next 24 hours, we will get on the front page of one of the 100 most visited websites in the world!

Thank you all for your support and participation! Let's make this happen!



At 16 April, 2007 06:10 , The Saipan Blogger said...


At 16 April, 2007 07:03 , Red Valley said...

Wow! We seem to be moving at a noticably faster clip than last time. Only 10 AM here and we already have 27 diggs! :-) As memory serves, at the same time on our last effort, we only had in about the 10 to 13 range. I think e-mailing reminders is proving to be a very good move that is producing results. I think we should continue to do that from now on.

At 17 April, 2007 08:38 , Red Valley said...

Wow, looks like I spoke too soon. In over 24 hours, we only got 63 diggs...that LESS than last time! And we had fewer member blogs last time too. In retrospect, I think the principle effect of e-mailing the membership with reminders was simply to get most of the same people to participate earlier in the day. At this time, I would like to re-submit my previous proposal for consideration: I think it's time we considered compulsory participation in virtual rallies. We can consider alternatives to exclusion from membership for non-participants, but I think we need to at least impose some sort of penalty for not participating. Perhaps we segregate participating blogs from non-participating ones on the front page or something and give the non-participants some sort of secondary membership status. But at this point, I think we should definitely be open to this idea because it would appear that otherwise the only way we'll be able to meet the goal set out in the mission statement at this point (or even come remotely close) is to substantially lower it.

At 17 April, 2007 11:10 , Storey Clayton said...

There were tremendous mitigating circumstances involved in this Rally.

For one, the possibility of reaching the front page had ended just 4 hours after the article had been posted. The story had been "buried" and removed from the "upcoming stories" section. Not only did this mean we got less traffic from incidental Digg viewers who were not coming from OMBFP, but the entire purpose of the Rally had been thwarted.

As stated last time, the way Digg chooses what gets on the front page and what gets buried is not transparent. It theoretically relies on math and democratic principles, but often is much less clear and genuine.

Additionally, I think it's hard to underestimate the impact of the shootings at Virginia Tech yesterday. I think this generally overwhelmed peoples' other concerns for the day.

Going forward, I think we just need to leave Digg.com alone for a while and find other sites for Virtual Rallies. I think we can expect a participation of 50-75 (we can always hope for more and encourage a higher participation), so it would be best to find sites where those kind of numbers can make a significant (and hopefully transparent, documented) impact. I will look for these, but if anyone has suggestions, please let me know!

Thanks again to all for your efforts and participation in this Rally.

At 18 April, 2007 07:01 , Red Valley said...

Ah yes, probably true. I hadn't given too much thought to the correlation between the terrible Virginia Tech shooting(s) and the (seeming lack of) participation here. I don't know why I failed to connect the dots on that one. It was all over the news and everything. I also am pretty sure I dugg within the first four hours, so I didn't realize that we had been shelved so early. Thanks for clarifying that stuff. Yeah, I'm definitely open to trying other locales for our future rally events. Is there any particular one you had in mind? (I know it's early to ask.)


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