19 June 2007

Fourteenth Tuesday Topic

According to this report by the Fund for Peace, Iraq ranks as the second least stable country in their Failed States Index (Afghanistan ranks eighth).

Given this fact (and Somalia's presence at third), what do you think the overall impact of foreign invasion is on a country?

Has the era of invading a nation to install a new government been exposed as a failure?

If not, can you provide an example of a country that has stablized as the result of invasion since World War II?



At 24 June, 2007 01:05 , dan said...

unfortunately, it has not been exposed as a failure, because the mainstream media fails to do its job. It has said its hollow mea culpas but is falling for the administration's drumbeat against Iran. We're hearing the same arguments we heard before the leadup to Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) but will we be fooled again?


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