25 June 2007

Fifteenth Tuesday Topic

We all want the Iraq War to end tomorrow.

But when do you think it will end?

Explain what you think will change or what events will transpire to eventually end the War.


Anarcho-Judaism's Carnival for Peace

Their second edition is up here!

Some great stuff, including comprehensive responses to many Tuesday Topics. Check it out!

Tuesday Topic #15 later today...


19 June 2007

Fourteenth Tuesday Topic

According to this report by the Fund for Peace, Iraq ranks as the second least stable country in their Failed States Index (Afghanistan ranks eighth).

Given this fact (and Somalia's presence at third), what do you think the overall impact of foreign invasion is on a country?

Has the era of invading a nation to install a new government been exposed as a failure?

If not, can you provide an example of a country that has stablized as the result of invasion since World War II?


12 June 2007

Thirteenth Tuesday Topic

In combatant countries in the Iraq War, myopia seems to keep misgivings about the War at bay amongst much of the population.

The media and politicians are able to collaborate in getting citizens to ignore the travesties of a War that has enacted a civilian death-toll equivalent to at least twenty-one September 11th's.

What types of daily activities or behaviors (as opposed to large one-time protests) do you think can help alert these populations to the fact that this is unacceptable?

What do you think of the idea of refusing to rise for anthems or pledges in combatant countries until the War is ended?


07 June 2007

August Challenge Announcement

While there were obvious reasons for delaying the announcement of the May Challenge until it was about to be underway, there is every reason to give you plenty of time to prepare for the August Challenge...

The August Challenge will center around YouTube videos. YouTube is perhaps the fastest growing and among the most influential websites in the entire internet. Countless videos are watched by millions daily, and the best among them become sensations that travel the globe and change minds.

Your challenge for August is to make a YouTube video. There are but two requirements: that you (1) advocate peace in Iraq and (2) make some reference or mention of One Million Blogs for Peace. (You may mention other websites as well, or aspects of the peace movement, and of course give yourself the credit for creating the video!)

For the competition part of the challenge, videos cannot be posted on YouTube until August 1st. The winners will be determined by those who have the most views at the end of the day on August 30th. You may make multiple videos - as many as you want!

This should give you ample time - nearly two months - to come up with a subject, plot, and to create your YouTube video. And you need not think just in terms of traditional videos. Some of the most persuasive videos on YouTube have been made with still images and a song in the background. Or even just one stagnant image and a person's voice. Or a humble $15 webcam.

Be creative, be passionate, and express your views about the situation in Iraq. Inspire the masses!

Feel free to post questions or comments, especially if you need help with designing videos or other technical issues.

In the meantime, while you're working on that, I am trying to come up with more ideas for Virtual Rallies, taking into account the perspectives some of you have expressed in response to this week's Tuesday Topic. Stay tuned for announcements about those.

As always, please keep ideas for such rallies or other actions coming so we can make the best use of our ever-growing movement!

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04 June 2007

Twelfth Tuesday Topic

Assuming you had access to relatively limitless resources, what do you think would be the ideal event to protest the Iraq War?

Describe in detail how you would plan, recruit for, and conduct the event.


01 June 2007

May Challenge Winner!

Congratulations to Transformations for dominating our May Challenge!

Transformations more than doubled the nearest competitor in the May Challenge, signing up 11 new blogs during the month of May.

As a reward, Transformations' blogger will receive a $50 Amazon.com gift certificate.

The overall consolation prize was just barely won by Sabbah's Blog, who held off a late run by Journeys with Jood for the $30 Amazon gift certificate with 14 overall referrals.

Thank you everyone who participated and helped get 99 new blogs signed up in May!