28 August 2007

Twenty-Second Tuesday Topic

What do you think of Nouri al-Maliki's leadership?

Do you think it is the place of non-Iraqi politicians to criticize his work in attempting to unite Iraq?

Do you think the USA would attempt to oust him as they did with "uncooperative" South Vietnamese leaders during the Vietnam War?


14 August 2007

YouTube Challenge Begins - Post Videos Now!

The time has come to begin the YouTube Challenge!

Here are your four easy steps to participation:

1. If you haven't already, record or construct a video.
2. Go to YouTube and upload your video.
3. Send a link to your YouTube video URL to peace@bluepyramid.org.
4. Go to the YouTube Challenge page to track your video's progress and see others' videos!

I look forward to seeing everyone's creations!


Twenty-First Tuesday Topic

Do you trust any of the current United States Presidential candidates to end the war?

Where do you think the standing of the war will be by January 20, 2009?


07 August 2007

Twentieth Tuesday Topic

While the original justification for invading Iraq was the false allegation that they held weapons of mass-destruction, much of the argumentation shifted to ideas of spreading democracy in the Middle East as the war dragged on.

Do you think democracy as a concept has been helped or hindered by the invasion and occupation of Iraq?

Where do you see democracy in the Middle East in ten years? In twenty?


01 August 2007

Announcing the YouTube Challenge!

We are proud to announce the YouTube Challenge, set to begin Wednesday, August 15th!

All the details can be found here:
YouTube Challenge.