31 July 2007

YouTube Video "August" Challenge Delayed 2 Weeks

The "August" Challenge will be starting on Wednesday, August 15th instead of tomorrow. An e-mail and website updates to this effect will be going out shortly.

Thank you.


30 July 2007

Nineteenth Tuesday Topic

According to Oxfam in this report, a great number of basic elements of quality of life have been drastically reduced in Iraq by the invasion.

How long do you think it will take to restore these to pre-invasion levels?

Do you think there is a way to convey the stark negative impact of the invasion on the Iraqi people to those who still believe it was a good idea?


24 July 2007

Eighteenth Tuesday Topic

What gives you hope about the current situation in Iraq?


10 July 2007

Seventeenth Tuesday Topic

Are you planning on participating in the upcoming August Challenge at One Million Blogs for Peace?

It will entail making a YouTube video promoting peace in Iraq and One Million Blogs for Peace.

Why will you or will you not be participating?


02 July 2007

Sixteenth Tuesday Topic

With America's birthday tomorrow, how do you feel the American Revolution works as a parallel to the Iraq War?

Would the United States have cooperated with French occupation for years after they assisted in the revolution?

Can self-determination be enforced?