30 October 2007

Twenty-Seventh Tuesday Topic

Did you participate in the widespread protests of the war on Saturday, October 27th?

Whether you went or not, what did you think of this effort?

How do you think the peace movement can be more effective in conveying its message?



At 08 November, 2007 08:11 , Red Valley said...

Yes, I did! I was at the march in Boston. I thought it was a great effort and a really good idea to hold the rallies multiple cities across the country for higher visibility. However, I still remain neutral in the debate over more marches of this technique or single, centralized events that concentrate turn-out.

Anyhow, as per usual, I will restate my opinion that there is no 'peaceful' means by which to get this government's attention. We will be ridiculed in the media if force is used and we will be ignored by the media if it is not used. That is the dilemma of all mass movements in such oppressive systems as we have today. But at least media attention spreads the message. The bottom line is that, in order to end this war, we need to either install a president of our own social class or stage riots. This isn't a popular message with a lot of peace activists right now, and I guess I kind of understand why: After all, it's violence we're opposing, right? No, it's oppression we should be opposing. What we need today people isn't a change of direction as a nation, but a REVERSAL of direction. And that's not going to happen if we just keep marching around and staging die-ins (noble as they may be) forever. We have to get bolder than that. When the people that make the decisions refuse to listen voluntarily, they have to be made to listen.


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