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YouTube Challenge

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YouTube Challenge
The Contest:  Make a video promoting peace in Iraq that mentions One Million Blogs for Peace.
The Contestants:  Anyone signed up as part of One Million Blogs for Peace who submits a video posted to YouTube between August 15 and September 30, 2007.
The Prize(s):  $50 gift certificate and front-page posting at One Million Blogs for Peace (for one month) to the winner.  Other prizes as donated by OMBFPers or their supporters.
The Rules and Details:  The second challenge at One Million Blogs for Peace is designed to increase awareness of the peace movement and One Million Blogs for Peace through the web's fastest-growing medium: user-created videos. All videos must be posted on to enter. To qualify for inclusion in the contest, the video may not be posted before Wednesday, August 15th, 2007. The video must also include some reference, mention, or logo of One Million Blogs for Peace and must be primarily or wholly focused on the promotion of peace in Iraq. Videos may not be included if there is too much "cross-messaging" of other movements or causes, or if there is offensive material of any kind. Decisions to not include a particular video will be solely at the discretion of OMBFP and will be final. First place will be determined by most total number of views from the period of August 15 - September 30, 2007. Other prizes may be given for those distinguishing themselves with the highest number of "favorites", the most comments, and/or winning an OMBFP user vote. Updates to prizes or awards for the contest will be posted here. Person submitting video must e-mail OMBFP ( with link to their video to enter.
Get Involved!  Get your video ready today. But don't post until midnight on Wednesday, August 15th!

Every video submitted will be posted here for viewing, starting August 15th!