27 November 2007

Thirty-First Tuesday Topic

What do you think of Bush's Middle East Peace Summit scheduled for this week in Annapolis?

Do you find it strange that this event is juxtaposed against the ongoing Iraq War?

Do you see any relation between peace in Israel and Palestine and peace in Iraq?


20 November 2007

Thirtieth Tuesday Topic

Would you ever personally visit Iraq in the near future?

Why or why not?

How would you want to spend your time there if you went?


13 November 2007

Twenty-Ninth Tuesday Topic

How do you think veterans of the Iraq War will be remembered in the United States and other countries?

Will they face the plight of Vietnam soldiers, disregarded with the shame of losing the war?

Or will they be lauded for signing up to kill for their country, even though the cause was unjust?


06 November 2007

Twenty-Eighth Tuesday Topic

Do you think the United States will continue to back Musharraf as he tightens dictatorial control over Pakistan?

If so, what does that say about the American commitment to democracy?

How do you think the situation in Pakistan will impact the Iraq War?