13 November 2007

Twenty-Ninth Tuesday Topic

How do you think veterans of the Iraq War will be remembered in the United States and other countries?

Will they face the plight of Vietnam soldiers, disregarded with the shame of losing the war?

Or will they be lauded for signing up to kill for their country, even though the cause was unjust?



At 14 November, 2007 10:31 , Red Valley said...

To answer this week's Tuesday Topic inquiry, the veterans of this Iraq war will be forgotten, just as was the case in the Vietnam War with those veterans...provided the United States survives this "war on terror" at all, of which Iraq is thus far the biggest chunk, but which Iran may soon be in the future.

At 14 November, 2007 20:16 , Abbey said...

I think they will have to live with the shame of fighting in an illegal invasion. It is not what the countries remember them for that matters, but what each soldier has to live with in his own consious.

I recently posted on American Lt. Ethren Watada, and his courage for having resisted orders that went against the American constitution and his own moral values...He is a man of courage and interity..

At 21 November, 2007 06:11 , Kate Anne said...

Lauded for killing for their country for an unjust cause? To some degree that is being done now, because many of us see the troops as victims. That said, I have deep respect for Lt. Ethren Watada who refused to serve. Also, I don't think the Vietnam vets are disregarded for "losing" the Vietnam war. Peaceful hearts go out to them, again, as the victims of the military industrial complex. [Did you know that Eisenhower originally wanted to say congressional military industrial complex?]

We have to end the profit motive for war and illegal invasions. And by the way, people like Air America Radio's Thom Hartman feel we should call the current mess in Iraq an occupation -- the war ended when Bush declared major combat has ended in front of the "Mission Accomplished" banner. And what government are we warring against. It is an insurgency of people tired of being occupied.....

Bless you for speaking up for Peace. Peace Hugs!


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