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Last Updated 17 February 2007.  What's New?

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The Blue Pyramid is the home of Storey Clayton, author of Loosely Based and several well-known quizzes.

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There are five sides to every story.  Or at least to every Pyramid.
North, South, East, West, and Ground.

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Below, we offer you a more complete glimpse of The Blue Pyramid...

Last Updated:  17 February 2007

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These six quizzes are the most famous part of The Blue Pyramid worldwide.
The eighth, the
2008 Presidential Ticket Quiz, has just debuted, while the seventh,
the Podcast Quiz came out earlier in 2006.
The University Quiz and Animal Quiz are the newest, and feature 128 answers.
The rest feature 64.
The oldest, the Country Quiz, has been taken nearly two million (2,000,000) times.
The off-site quiz, the Trains and Railroads Quiz debuted in September 2005
at RMI Miniature Railroads.

You should also check out Duck and Cover, our brand-new comic strip here!

People often wonder what one who resides in a Blue Pyramid would look like.
Wonder no more.
This is the fifth major graphical incarnation of The Blue Pyramid.
To peruse the same site through the older lenses, the old versions are available below...

The Blue Pyramid:
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v. 3 (That Guy)
v. 2.1 (Hashbrowns - 800x600 safe)
v. 2 (Hashbrowns)
v. 1 (Plain Text)

Believer in God
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