While we’re waiting to see if I have the inclination to post my journal from last year’s India/Nepal trip, I figured I could trot out the rest of the Stanford 2002 filmed rounds as a recurring set of content for this page for the next couple weeks. You may recall that I posted Finals, Semifinals, and Quarterfinals early this summer before moving cross-country and getting a bit distracted.

Today’s round continues our regression through the tournament, featuring round five which, interestingly, was against the same team that faced us in Quarters. This was the debut of the case that Emily and I ran about giving $1,000,000 in reparations to every Native American born on a reservation. This case is about as open (easily debatable, beatable) as they come, and yet went on to win a bubble round at Nationals (Tirrell & I overcoming MIT-A in round 6 at UMBC Nats ’02) and Quarters at BU ’06 (sadly beating my Brandeis teammates, Samburg & Collins) when Emily & I went back to defend the honor of dinos against modern whippersnappers. (Incidentally, that round was also recorded, though on audio, and can be found here.)

Like my Lottery case, this one gets much of its power from being something that I fervently believe. But you don’t have to take my contemporary word for it – see how Emily and I sounded seven and a half years ago:

Stanford 2002 APDA Round 5 from Storey Clayton on Vimeo.