It’s been a long time since something went right for me. This weekend, a whole heck of a lot went right in a hurry. I am trying to get used to the feeling of being really super-happy. I was silly-smiley all weekend as things unfolded, especially today.

I am too wired to write effectively, but I want to capture my thoughts in their giddy haze. The setting was the University of Maryland at College Park, and the action was a debate tournament. Obviously.

In roughly chronological order:

  • We got to Maryland on-time Friday despite traffic and checked-in to a GA I last attended at a tournament I won (Hybrids ’01 with Kate Myers).
  • I got to debate in a double-LO attack in a demo round with Mike Buckwald.
  • We found (good) food after almost starving to death after rounds and going to housing.
  • We found free parking on campus thereafter.
  • I was able to retrieve my sleeping bag from GA hours after the building was locked by reliving my high school break-in-to-tight-spaces self by slipping through the narrowly open window.
  • Two words: Party Bus.
  • Knowing Dave & Kyle are in a 4-0 round.
  • Getting to watch Dave & Kyle in a 4-0 round.
  • Dave & Kyle winning a 4-0 round.
  • Ashley calling the shot that they’d be a non-breaking 4-1.
  • This meaning that Ashely & Gordon upset the 4-0 in their pull-up round.
  • Both Dave & Kyle and Ashley & Gordon breaking in their respective divisions.
  • Both breaking teams picking up in varsity quarters & novice semis.
  • Dave & Kyle picking up semis while good rumors come from novice finals.
  • Not judging finals.
  • Dave & Kyle have qualled and gotten RUDU into their first final ever.
  • Epic finals case.
  • Floor speech mayhem.
  • Holy speaker awards, Batman!
  • Finding out ABom & Nisha just missed the novice break.
  • Waffle House!
  • Ghost.
  • Being too wired to sleep.

I could get used to this. Watch out, APDA, RUDU has thrown down the gauntlet. And we had fun doing it.