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"He cursed himself, and his instinct to nurse every idea to health."
-Matt Nathanson, "Then I'll Be Smiling"

Not everything that started out as "the next big thing" at the Blue Pyramid was destined to make it big. In some cases, this was because of a lack of viability for the project itself. In perhaps more, the project required more of a time commitment than Blue Pyramid staff (read: Storey Clayton) could offer it.

Rather than taking these projects down and scrabbling them away, the Blue Pyramid is archiving them in their entirety. Thus they exist, at their original URLs, as a sort of living exhibition of the project itself. Many of these projects were already de facto archived, but this page will help maintain a distinction between projects the visitor can expect to be updated and maintained at the BP and those that are on hold.

No archived project is necessarily doomed to remain there forever. Any of these could come back at some point, when time and interest permit.

One Million Blogs for Peace
(17 February - 11 December 2007)
OMBFP was an ambitious effort to unite 1,000,000 blogs in opposition to the Iraq War and in favor of immediate withdrawal of all troops. While the goal was extremely lofty, the project launched in February and March with a great deal of momentum. Given the intensive nature of outreach and manually adding blogs (to ensure that spam-blogs would not be included), this project quickly became infeasible for one person with a full-time job. Updates ended after less than a year, including on the project's blog.

Ongoing Olympics
(13 March 2006 - April 2006)
This was a short-lived effort to recognize international visitors, most of whom were taking the various BP quizzes. It was pretty much the result of excessive free time and ended quickly.

Blog Plaudits
(15 February - 17 December 2006)
The Blue Pyramid Blog Plaudits (BPBP's) were given out for two years to honor friends of the BP who were actually sticking with blogging (and doing it well). 2007 brought a demise as most everyone had given up on blogging.

Years in Review
(22 January 2002 - 15 February 2006)
From 2001-2005, years got a full review at the Blue Pyramid, featuring an overview of Storey's life, his favorite books read that year, and the best movies that came out during the same period. The subsequent few years have lacked the same treatment, though this is the most likely of all projects listed herein to be revived.

Questions for God
(5 January 2006 - 28 June 2007)
For a year and a half, visitors submitted thousands of questions for God and guesses at what a deity's answers might be. The answers posting especially made this project challenging to keep up, given that about half of the answers submitted were posted. This project could also get a revival at some point, presumably on the question-side only.

Top Visitor Town
(8 September 2005 - 2 September 2006)
For about a year, the IP address generating the most traffic toward the Blue Pyramid in a week would get recognized in this little self-referential project. This was easy to maintain, but grew sort of tiresome after the novelty of seeing what kind of towns came up often wore off.

Search of the Week
(26 September 2002 - 2 August 2003, 3 July 2005 - 2 September 2006)
SotW and it's sequel, dubbed Dueling Engines, each spent about a year entertaining audiences with the ridiculous things people enter into search engines. This was a relatively easy and enjoyable process, but seemed to grow repetitive after a full year straight. This one's always good for a comeback, especially since it's one of the few BP projects that's already had one comeback come and go.

Concert List
(8 January 2003 - 8 December 2004)
Every concert Storey attended from 1996-2004 was chronicled here, including setlists, where available. This should almost certainly be revived at some point, if only because it makes for good posterity. Recently seen setlists do appear in StoreyTelling.

Bob Dylan List
(25 February - April 2002)
The greatest songwriter of all time was given the compiled list treatment later brought to prominence in The Book List. This didn't last long, since more people like books than Bob.

Introspection, My Worst Friend
(13 March 2000 - 15 July 2007)
For 2,681 consecutive days, Storey blogged in a blippy, often cryptic, line-by-line format about everything in his life and his perspective on much more. The epic undertaking became the single longest-running feature of the Blue Pyramid in its history to date, but was replaced by StoreyTelling, a longer and less frequent format, in October 2007 after a 2.5 months' hiatus from blogging.

Eire Duck's Pond of Peace
(8 February 1999 - 6 November 2001)
While EDPoP's entire history predates the Blue Pyramid, it deserves mention as its forerunner. The theme of EDPoP was much more unabashedly personal and the background color was greenish rather than stark blue. This one ain't coming back, but all its subsections are still fun to explore.