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Ramblin’ Tangents

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Someone should let me know if this is too quiet to hear. There was some ambient noise and I think the computer was at a bad angle for picking up sound. I think it’s still audible, but it might not be. May use a mic on non-driving renditions of these in the future.


Blue Pyramid Stories #5

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This one is an oldie but a goodie – the first on-the-fly story, of which there will be many. This will be familiar to most of you, so bear with me, but these types of stories are some of the most exciting parts of this project… the opportunity to record for posterity the slate of stories I’ve come to tell frequently in my own interactions with people.

Yes, this means The Caterpillar Story will probably be forthcoming at some point too…


Announcing Blue Pyramid Stories

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Tonight, we introduce a new project in the annals of the Blue Pyramid. It’s the first video project undertaken by the BP, and it involves me reading or telling stories, mostly original, but occasionally written by others. Many of them will have to be told in parts because of YouTube’s 15-minute limit.

Here, to begin, is part one of “Tomorrow’s Child” by Ray Bradbury: