It’s been a good week.

Emily got word yesterday that Yale is offering to pay her tuition for two years should we choose to move to New Haven. This is the third piece of good news in five business days and is putting us at risk of seeming like we’re gloating. It also raises the bar on good news for the future, so I expect our reaction to most things to be dulled for the next few weeks. Unless, y’know, the Iraq War ends or something.

It brought back memories of Brandeis’ big package, except without the detailed itemization of expenses matched with what funding source would be covering them. Brandeis was very detailed over many pages, while Yale’s letter just said “tuition fees”, causing me to wonder whether they dropped an “and” or that’s just how they talk in Connecticut.

Regardless of which, it’s at least a $63,000 value, which moves the bar significantly. Given that Yale was already the stateside school Em was most excited about, it’s starting to look like I should start dusting off the blue and white from my days at ‘Deis.

Emily and I went out to celebrate last night, a knee-jerk reaction that is starting to become at least somewhat problematic for our mutual diet. It’s kind of surreal to think that one is celebrating too much because there’s too much good happening. How obnoxious. Exciting, but obnoxious.

Lest I get too carried away with exuberance, I’m getting cavities drilled and filled this afternoon. I used to call periods like this “Mack Truck Time”, to indicate that the universe was unlikely to put up with such an extended winning streak without some balancing effects. I’m going to redeem this Friday the 13th appointment for such balance. After all, the timing’s right. Dental insurance: use it before you lose it.