The lack of Duck & Cover today is dedicated in silence to the memories of David Foster Wallace (1962-2008) and Peter Camejo (1939-2008).

Truth be told, of course, I just didn’t have the time or energy (or inclination to wake our sleeping guest) to write and scan this morning. Work has shown me just how much I’ll be playing catch-up all week, just prior to another crazy round of travel to the Mountain Time Zone.

I have about seven posts percolating on my mind’s stove, most in anticipation of my ten-year high school reunion this weekend or in reaction to DFW’s suicide. As you’ll know if you’ve engaged with the world in the last 24 hours, things are popping all over the place. As someone who needs to process everything as he goes, it’s a challenge to keep up. But I’ll get there and you’ll see it here first.

In the meantime, back to a workplace where I’m, like many parts of Texas, or like NY financial firms, underwater.