20 March 2007


I am proud to announce the official launch of One Million Blogs for Peace!

Please check the website for newly updated content, including links to participating blogs and the first Tuesday Topic (which will be cross-posted here shortly).

Thank you to everyone who has signed up as an Inblogural. There are 217 Inblogurals, representing 28 countries. 180 of them represent 5 combatant countries (USA, UK, Australia, Romania, and Armenia). 37 represent 23 non-combatant countries.

As the fact that we have only a fraction of 1% of our 1,000,000-blog goal should indicate, most of our work is still ahead of us. Please continue to spread the word and get involved. Tuesday Topics will be a good way of keeping your content relevant to the movement every week. If you have any comments or suggestions about how to improve involvement, please let me know!

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