18 February 2007

The Challenges

I received an e-mail question regarding the four slated "challenges" for One Million Blogs for Peace. These are tentatively set for the months of May, August, October, and January '08.

While I don't want to release the exact nature of the challenges right now (part of keeping them fair is announcing what they'll be at a set time to give everyone an equal chance to compete), I can discuss the general idea.

They will be friendly competitions between the various Blogs for Peace to generate interest in the project or to actively promote increased activism, blogging, and outreach for the anti-War movement. There will be more emphasis on getting everyone to participate in the challenges than who wins or loses, but both will probably be key in generating interest.

While the first stages of this project are predominantly an effort to get as many people as possible signed up, the "core" of the project's activity will center around the challenges.



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