22 February 2007

Tuesday Topics

In addition to membership and the challenges, there will be a number of activities associated with One Million Blogs for Peace. All of these will be optional aspects of participating in the overall project. They will be fun ways of adding new and interesting content to your blog posts, as well as keeping it working against the war.

Thus, I'd like to announce Tuesday Topics. The first day of the war's fifth year (March 20, 2007) is a Tuesday, and Tuesdays tend to be pretty dull days anyway. Every Tuesday, One Million Blogs for Peace will release a topic related to the war as a prompt for a blog post.

These topics will often have some sort of personal angle or slant to help make for an interesting personal and political post. At times, they may also be persuasive essay questions for particularly difficult questions about the war where we have a chance to change people's minds.

Stay tuned for Tuesday Topics, coming March 20th. And keep getting all your anti-war friends signed-up and involved!



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