The Blue Pyramid:  The Storey So Far
The Blue Pyramid is the personal website of Storey Clayton.  Though it may often seem that other people are working on or responsible for its content, pretty much everything here is entirely the work of Storey.  Yes, that is his real name.
Like most fun things, the Blue Pyramid has been an organic and ever-changing project.

Storey first designed a webpage in February 1999, mostly for the purpose of telling the world how much Risk was being played in his college dormitory when he was a freshman at Brandeis University.  This first website, dubbed Eire Duck's Pond of Peace, slowly grew over the next year.  Storey began blogging in March 2000, & has blogged daily on Introspection, My Worst Friend ever since.

In January 2002, with graduation from college in sight (and the corresponding loss of his Brandeis-hosted webpage), Storey decided to actually register a URL. is primarily a reference to Ray Bradbury's short story Tomorrow's Child, which is about two parents giving birth to a small blue pyramid who seems to be from a futuristic dimension.  Storey often feels like this blue pyramid, an incomprehensible alien to those around him.  The irony of a site named for his feeling of isolation leading to millions of people connecting with Storey's viewpoint is not lost on him.

The millions have mostly come for online personality quizzes, the first of which (The Country Quiz) was the product of Storey's intense boredom in his first job out of college, serving as the librarian at a commuter college.  Released in January 2003, it remains the most popular part of the Blue Pyramid to this day.  Five additional quizzes have joined the site since, as well as two off-site quizzes.

Storey has also worked on a number of additional online projects, most of them hosted at the Blue Pyramid.  He began writing a daily webcomic (Duck and Cover) in July 2005, podcasting (The Mep Report) in October 2005, and collecting Questions for God in January 2006.  The next big thing is One Million Blogs for Peace, an effort to unite bloggers in opposition to the Iraq War.
Offline, Storey has collected a few accomplishments, including winning the North American Parliamentary Debate Championship (2001), graduating Brandeis with a double-major in History and Philosophy (2002), publishing his first novel:  Loosely Based (2003), and marrying Emily Garin (2003).  His day jobs have included being a receptionist, working in libraries, counseling troubled youth, and webmastering.  He currently does administrative work for the Glide Foundation in San Francisco.

An ardent pacifist, Storey is a non-registrant for the Selective Service of the United States of America.  He is a firm believer in God, though not in organized religion.  He has been a vegetarian for a decade.  He has visited 46 states and lived in 9 cities.  An avid baseball fan, Storey roots for the Seattle Mariners.
Storey also likes pyramids and Egypt, the color blue, and has been known to feel blue from time to time.
Old version of this page, circa 2002.