I am a non-profit organization.

If you think about it, most of us are.  Money is intended as a facilitator for other purposes.  The idea of profit is innately to build up more facilitation than one can actually use.  Put another way, money is only potential, while profit is wasted potential.  I can hear you capitalists claiming "saved" or "future" potential, but most profit is better spent elsewhere, most frequently in the hands of those with insufficient potential.

.org doesn't mandate socialism, but it certainly implies it.

BluePyramid is primarily a reference to Tomorrow's Child, a short story by Ray Bradbury, most frequently found in his collection I Sing the Body Electric!.  This entire collection comes highly recommended for visitors to this or any site.

Blue is often attributed to sadness.  This is rapidly becoming less relevant personally, though sadness continues to be the dominant theme planetarily.  Most of the planet's people spend most of their time sad.  This presents a problem to most conscious people.

Pyramid, from the Greek, is a combination of the concepts of fire & power.  This is a mysterious name for a shape, though the first source of anyone's notion of a pyramid is of course found in Egypt.  Another interpretation of fire & power, in tandem, is electricity.  White limestone may or may not have been a powerful thing.
This website, like all others, is brought to you by electricity.